Problems with Car Performance Can Mean Exhaust System Issues

Your car needs proper air flow in order to run properly. When you have a hole in your exhaust system, this makes it hard for your car to run efficiently. Pressing on the gas, your car can have trouble picking up speed when there's a hole.

If you smell fumes in your vehicle, there is a hole in your exhaust system that is flowing bad air into your car. Don't drive a car when you can smell fumes, and get your car to Blake Fulenwider Ford for service.

If your car gets really loud all of a sudden, there's an issue with your muffler. The muffler reduces the noise your engine makes, and doesn't work well when there is a hole in it.

No matter what your vehicle's maintenance needs are, contact our service department at Blake Fulenwider Ford today. We will give your car a thorough inspection and work to fix your car right away.
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