The Ford Fiesta's MyKey Feature

While subcompact cars are known for their fuel economy and a generous interior, they also keep both the environment and the driver in mind with its EcoBoost and safety features. This is why it's not a surprise that the Ford Fiesta is one of the most popular vehicles in its category. There is plenty about this vehicle that makes it a good one.

If you have young teenagers who need to drive the car or first-time drivers, then you will find the MyKey feature to be useful. Limit or restrict access to the vehicle's audio systems while implementing…

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The 2019 Ford Flex: Where Convenience and Style Meet

If you’re searching for a vehicle with comfort and convenience in mind, you’re sure to be pleased when you discover what the 2019 Ford Flex has to offer. This popular SUV includes three rows of spacious seating, and the amenities don’t end there.

The well-designed passenger cabin provides ample space to store personal items within reach and also includes numerous cup holders in both front and back. If extra cargo space is needed, the seats can be easily folded down to accommodate furniture, outdoor gear and sports equipment alike.


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It's a Party with the 2018 Ford Fiesta ST

The 2018 Ford Fiesta ST has revolutionized the way that people view the hatchback vehicle. This popular compact vehicle boasts a variety of performance features all designed to improve the driving experience. The AdvancTrac system assists drivers in maintaining control in any road condition as it modulates engine control when it detects wheelslip. The patented FordPass app provides a host of services including fuel price comparisons and parking locator assist.

The Fiesta experts at Blake Fulenwider Ford are eager to show you all of the unique features of the 2018 Ford Fiesta ST. 
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The 2018 Ford C-MAX Refuses to Skimp on Comfort

The 2018 Ford C-MAX doesn't skimp when it comes to interior comfort design. It boasts best-in-class passenger seating for a small hybrid vehicle and makes the most efficient use of the room it has. It also keeps you comfortable in winter weather with heated seats.

The C-MAX features a versatile row of back seats that seat up to three passengers and can also be folded down with a 60/40 split to accommodate large cargo items. While the SE trim comes with cloth seats, the Titanium package adds leather trim to the upholstery. Your back seat passengers will also…

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Styling with Ford EcoSport Style Features

The 2018 Ford EcoSport is a compact SUV crossover that's sharp looking, practical, and meets the needs of all types of people.

For those who enjoy staying connected, Ford EcoSport features an 8-inch touchscreen that offers access to your favorite applications. Swipe, navigate and zoom as you listen to your favorite music, audiobooks, or stay in the know as you go about your day.

With Ford EcoSport's fully-powered moonroof, featured in SE, SES and Titanium, you can let in the sunlight or the moonlight, with the touch of a button. With this handy feature, you can enjoy the…

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What is an Infotainment System?

It's been a long time since cars just came with a radio and CD player. Today's cars have way more technology built inside. In fact, today's cars are so smart that you feel like you are running a command center from the driver's seat. There are a few attributes that you should look for in a smart car with an infotainment system.

Infotainment systems typically come with a variety of software, apps, and LED screens.  

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Brake Pad Function and Service 101

There are few functions on a vehicle as critical as the brake pads. As the designated friction buffer between the caliper pistons and the rotor, the brake pads undergo a regular wear and tear every time you drive your vehicle.

Every vehicle has a specific recommendation for when the brake pads should be replaced, dependent also on the type of driving the car undergoes. 

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Wheel Alignment - How Often It's Needed

Wheel alignments are an important part of car and tire maintenance because if the tires aren’t properly aligned it can cause other problems like premature wear on the tires, poor gas mileage and damage to other parts surrounding the tires. Pay us a visit at Blake Fulenwider Ford and let us do an alignment inspection to see what’s needed.

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Ford Fusion Energi Leads the Pack in Efficiency and Power

As the world becomes more invested into discovering new ways to be less dependent on fuel, Ford has upped its game with its venerable Ford Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid vehicle.

This sporty sedan excels on numerous fronts, but none more obvious that the exceptional power and handling it demonstrates ride after ride. The standard 2.0L iVCT Atkinson-cycle I-4 engine electric motor enables a smooth and efficient ride. 

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How to Decide Between All-Weather Floor Mats vs. Carpet

The team at Blake Fulenwider Ford wanted to help drivers understand all the differences between buying new all-weather floor mats or carpeting for their vehicle.

When you simply cannot keep the flooring in your vehicle clean, it might be time to invest in the all-weather floor mats. These mats will quickly come clean by running a hose over them, allowing you to track dirt or mud inside the car without destroying the look of the interior. 

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